3 Month Food Storage

I have been working on my 3 Month Food storage for the last year and finally have it down! 
I have always been so lost and frustrated about this topic. But I know it's so much easier than I made it out to be in my head. It just has to click. So don't give up until it does!
I know there are so many ways to get this done, lots of different systems to follow it can get overwhelming and confusing. The trick is to find what CLICKS for you and run with it, modify it to your home and wa-la you've done it!
 I wanted to share the system that worked for me and if it is your" CLICK", great!

I want to first say that I have learned through this process that this "food storage thing" has to become a lifestyle. It's not something to just check off a list. When we look back to what the prophets have always said and counseled it SHOULD be! So to make this work we have to change our mind set. 

The goal here is to stock up on a three month storage that is always stocked- this means you are not using these items you buy while you are stocking up. This is when they refer to rotation(I will explain how I rotate in next post).

First Step: I organized  my recipes- I had so many I wasn't really using them! So I went through and actually typed them out so I have them on file and just got organized with it.

Second Step: Then I went through my newly organized recipes and picked out 30 meals that I know my family eats and likes. I included snacks and treats I make from scratch too. Cookies, rice crispy treats, bread, muffins, etc. Keeping in mind the ingredients need to be more storage items rather than fresh items. Don't forget Breakfast and lunch items too! I buy the big bag of pancake mix and oatmeal at Costco for example.

Third Step: Next I wrote down all the ingredients from every recipe right down to the salt and pepper. I mean anything I might use, I wrote down, sugar, flour, chocolate chips. 

Fourth Step: As I made out my weekly meal list (meals from the 3 month list) I wrote down all the ingredients from those weekly meals. Again, everything down to the salt. I put all the storage items from my shopping list on one side of the paper, I will then buy double of these items. Now I know you are thinking "I don't have money to buy double" You will be surprised that if you STICK TO THE LIST, use your coupons and store sales, you can actually spend LESS!! (I did this when we have not been at our most financially stable stage in life) But even if you only buy double on ONE MEAL, you are progressing. I would suggest if money is tight to look for meals you can do based around the sales in the grocery store that week. 
I know that even of it's the smallest bit added to your storage, you will be blessed for it and God know that you are doing your best and will not forsake you. 

Fifth Step: Now I have all my ingredients for the meals I was making that week + my storage week of meals! I then started to write out the more long term pantry items like flour, sugar,wheat,barley, six grain, powder milk, #10 cans of dehydrated onions, etc. I then used the extra money from my grocery budget (because I really am saving) and put it toward the bulk items that I can order from the cannery or on-line.

Sixth Step: Start making a list of toiletries, paper plate, cups,batteries, personal care items and using the same shopping method to build your supply.

Now I stay up on it because I am cooking meals I have "assigned" if you will, to my calendar of meals. I do however have meals I want to try out and experiment with which I just add to my grocery list. And If I want to Add a meal to my list I just follow the same steps to acquire a stock up of those ingredients. 

I hope it helps or at least gets you thinking about what you can do in your home. I DO have a testimony of this more now that ever because I see the all around blessing that come from making this my lifestyle. I stick to a budget better, I am more frugal, and I actually make dinner!

Check out the 3 month food storage classes we had to get even more detailed information!

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