Wheat Update

It's been a little over a year and the price of wheat has remained the same. I would invest again in some wheat, it's very likely that it will rise again this next year. From $4-$11, I hate to see what the next increase will be. :/


Wheat Price Update

I had a post in March about wheat prices rising $2.00
It has now risen to $11.45 for a 25lb bag


Preparedness Challenge!!

I am way to busy right now with home schooling to do this but I have found someone who isn't! Ok, well I am sure they are beyond busy but have just found a way to, make me look bad- haha

Check out this blog and she will be posting every day in may, a simple way to becoming prepared. She and I do share one thing in common- being prepared is our passion and know that it starts with one foot in front of the other- hope it will help motivate or add to what you are already doing in your ow life. Good Luck


Another meals made easy idea

For the last month or so I have followed my dear friends footsteps and am doing meal time a little differently.. I LOVE IT!! I think my children are at a good age to pull this off. Ages 4-13
Each night is a different theme. Mexican, Italian,traditional, comfort, pizza, breakfast, BBQ, and soup nights. Whats great is that you can fit the themes to what your family likes and eats. I have had to tweak my theme days to fit our family schedule, for instance Wednesday nights are busy nights for the girls so we have breakfast for dinner that night. I have also combined that with any leftovers from the previous meals as well. Monday nights are busy for the boys so I have comfort foods such as casseroles and soups which I can make ahead and are easy to pop in the oven.

So my week looks like this:

Monday- Comfort
Tuesday- Italian
Wednesday- Breakfast/left overs
Thursday- Mexican
Friday- Pizza
Saturday- Child's favorite (each child takes turns to choose a meal for this night)
Sunday- Traditional/family favorites

I have arranged my recipe book to match these categories to make planning easier, and I just plan the month out of meals, then shop weekly. I am saving money, and the kids are looking forward to each of their favorite nights. I feel that I have at least two nights a week that I am able to really practice culinary skills with my meals and then have some nights where it's non stressful and easy. We all love Italian night!

So I have found some recipes that we have tried and love which will be posted on the recipe page. Check it out and see if this will spark up your family dinners too!


Wheat Prices Rise

Wheat through the LDS church is now $7.65 for a 25 Lb. bag. This is about $2 higher than the last time I ordered. Unfortunately it will keep on rising. I would suggest ordering your year supply of wheat now. Go to providentliving.org to get more information on how to order or see your ward preparedness specialist.


National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month- you can go to ready.gov for some more information.
Here are some sales I have noticed around you might want to look into taking advantage of.


Back to 3 Month

For those here in the Crestwood Ky stake, we are being asked to focus on our 3 month food storage again. I wanted to put a link to some of the topics surrounding this topic in effort to help get us all motivated again. There will be more new posts coming about this subject soon!


72 Hour Kit Ideas

Thank you Safely Gathered in for these ideas on what to put in your 72 hour kit


Back to School Food Menu

Is it really that time again?????? Last years lunch menu worked great for me. Here's to another year!


Coupon Update

I am going to try and post the transactions I make using my coupons for those in this area- but I think those out west can benefit from the drugstore coupons as well. Let me know!
So check out the SAS Coupon Blog each week for updates


Freezing Veggies

We have had a lot of talk about freezing foods lately but, it's just such a great way to preserve good healthy in season foods, and save you money!

I just got an unbeatable price on peppers. Check out the post on how to freeze.

Corn is in season right now and although you can get corn throughout the year fairly cheap. You just can't beat local grown corn on the cob. So here is how to freeze corn.


Stock Up for School

Summer is a good time to start stalking up on all the school lunch food, and items such a baggies, lunch bags. I find it easier to purchase one or two items in the summer rather than when school starts as there are SO many fees and money being dished out at that time.
For example here at the Kroger in LaGrange, KY fruit snacks are $1 a box! Granola bars are all on sale, things like that.
So Hopefully I can get a head start for next school year. Which is only 2 months away!!


Freezer Bag Meals!

Want a quick, easy, and healthy way to have meals ready to go for your family?

Wouldn't it be nice to have marinated chicken all ready to throw on the grill any day of the week? Or to have your freezer stuffed with crock pot ready meals all ready to throw in the crock pot first thing in the morning?

Learn how to make Freezer Bag meals, and simplify your life!
Click Here


Stove Tec

StoveTec | Meet the StoveTec Wood-Charcoal Stove- $40
These are great- I am wanting to put an order together for my ward.


Cookie Tip- yum yum

Have you ever made a batch of cookie dough and the turn out very flat and spread out? Unless you actually like them like this (eww) then here is a simple solution rather than chucking the batter in the trash. Stick the dough in the refrigerator until dough stiffens up. That's it! And actually, if you want to have really great tasting cookies, I mean full of flavor, then leave your dough in the fridge for a couple days. They will be amazing.