Another meals made easy idea

For the last month or so I have followed my dear friends footsteps and am doing meal time a little differently.. I LOVE IT!! I think my children are at a good age to pull this off. Ages 4-13
Each night is a different theme. Mexican, Italian,traditional, comfort, pizza, breakfast, BBQ, and soup nights. Whats great is that you can fit the themes to what your family likes and eats. I have had to tweak my theme days to fit our family schedule, for instance Wednesday nights are busy nights for the girls so we have breakfast for dinner that night. I have also combined that with any leftovers from the previous meals as well. Monday nights are busy for the boys so I have comfort foods such as casseroles and soups which I can make ahead and are easy to pop in the oven.

So my week looks like this:

Monday- Comfort
Tuesday- Italian
Wednesday- Breakfast/left overs
Thursday- Mexican
Friday- Pizza
Saturday- Child's favorite (each child takes turns to choose a meal for this night)
Sunday- Traditional/family favorites

I have arranged my recipe book to match these categories to make planning easier, and I just plan the month out of meals, then shop weekly. I am saving money, and the kids are looking forward to each of their favorite nights. I feel that I have at least two nights a week that I am able to really practice culinary skills with my meals and then have some nights where it's non stressful and easy. We all love Italian night!

So I have found some recipes that we have tried and love which will be posted on the recipe page. Check it out and see if this will spark up your family dinners too!

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Wendy said...

What a great idea!!!! :)