Best Powder Milk

Morning Moo
This is hands down the best Powder milk. If you are Skim Milk drinkers already then it's not much different. Start out mixing half powder half your current milk. Don't tell the family and see what happens! Mine never knew and now they will drink it full powder milk. 
I figure it is about $1.70 a gallon with powder milk. Big Difference!

Non-Fat Dry Milk:

*A recent study was done about this where they tested the quality of dry milk after long term storage. Here is what they found:

*Nonfat Dry Milk Stored at 50 degrees resulted in theminimal flavor changes after 52 months
*Milk stored and 70 degrees was considered unacceptable after 4 years. It oxidized and was stale
*Milk stored at 90 degrees began to develop a bad flavor by 6 months and unacceptable after 2 years

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