It's A Date!

I have found that one of the big ways to keep a handle on three month food storage, your recipes, and all that is to have some consistency in your meal planning. I know some of you hate that word- Planning- but get used to it! Saturday is my cooking date. I for sure make my breads/rolls/ and pizza dough that I shape and freeze so it's ready to go on Friday. Just pull it out, top  and stick in the oven. 
I have all my ingredients for the weekly meals so I'm ready to start cooking. I will make cookies to freeze. The kids love pulling them out and eating a cold cookie! I will make at least 2 meals that I have in the fridge ready to pull out. 
I know this sound totally nuts to take this much time, but it helps me in a couple of ways. First, I am ready for dinner when the monsters come running in ready to devour. Second, it helps me not to waste the food I buy at the store. I so often will buy something (fresh) with every good intention to cook it but don't. Then have to throw it away- ahhh - it's throwing away money. 
I use it all up, cook it all up and have no waste. For me, that's a biggie.

Every Friday night is our Pizza night. Home made of course. But it's a great relief come Friday to know that I have a easy meal to throw in the oven. I also let the kids have soda so that they have their fix! OK, so I can have a fix :)

You can also just buy the pizza dough packets at walmart for like $.59 and keep in your food storage to make up real quick that night. 

Also, a great tip that My friend taught me was to make up your cinnamon rolls, freeze them and when ready to eat stick in the oven- don't even thaw they turn out great. She does this for Sunday mornings. I like this idea for Saturday morning because I hate to make breakfast on the day I will be cooking so much as it is. I bake them in muffin tins-just a little thing I learned at school, gives a fun look.

So Make it a date to PLAN your meals, cook your meals and then eating your meals will be much nicer!

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