Great Emergency TIps

So I was in traffic school the other night (first ticket ever mind you) and I actually learned a few good ideas there. Go figure.
On the back of all your children's car seats, put on an index card the child's name, address, weight, any drug allergies, medications they take and when, blood type, all that good info. If you were to get in an accident with your children in the car, the EMT will not remove the child from the car seat (neither should you by the way). And if you live in a city like Louisville, that child will go to the children's hospital while you go to another one. You will not be there with your child to give out the information needed for their proper care. They actually look for that info to possibly be on the car seat.
And that any child under 50lbs should be in a car seat or booster. I saw video on why that is, and well lets just say that my 6 and 9 yr old will be back in boosters.
Also, for those old cell phones we let the kids play with? Charge one up and put it in the glove compartment. Even if you don't have service activated you can always call 911! Let the kids know it's in there in case of emergency and you are not conscience.
Another tip is to get an approved cutting devise to have next to both front seats to cut yourself out of a seat belt with. This one kind of freaked me out- the thought of not being able to get out. Or to be able to help someone else if you come upon their wreck.
Anyway, good tips and another way to be better prepared. No one is excused from such tragedies.

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